Aesthetic Vision Seminars - Partner:Microdental


DTI’s mission is to add value to our customers by advancing the art, science, and business of dentistry. Ultimately, DTI will accomplish this through delivering peace of mind to our end user.

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Aesthetic Vision Seminars - Partner:Sundance


We offer the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry. From Authentic™ to Zirconia, Sundance Dental Laboratory does it all... and with craftsmanship that cannot be matched.

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Aesthetic Vision Seminars - Partner:GPT Lasers

GPT Lasers

Over the years, Lutronic has developed a family of lasers that have been recognized for their outstanding science. The lasers have won many national and international awards.

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Aesthetic Vision Seminars - Partner:Cadent iTero

Cadent iTero

The Cadent iTero digital impression system takes a highly accurate virtual 3d impression of patients' crown or bridge area, ensuring an accurate modeling of the tooth.

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