2014 - Oct 24-25, Friday - Saturday • 8:00am to 4:30pm

Over the Shoulder (OTS) “THE COSMETIC EVOLUTION®”: A Complete Veneer Course


This two and a half day over-the-shoulder patient treatment course is designed by general dentists for general dentists. Practical approaches to conventional, minimal and no prep veneer cases will be demonstrated along with the guidelines for case selection. Integration of laser and digital impressionsystems will be reviewed. Systems for case planning, preparation, provisionalization and cementation will be demonstrated.Practice management and marketing ideas will be shared to help increase this aspect of the participants practice.


At the completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Learn the latest preparations for veneer restorations
  • Understand rational for conventional prep, minimal prep and no prep cases
  • Know how to use CO2 lasers to contour soft tissue to maximize case success and improve impression taking
  • Understand comfortable and predictable local anesthesia techniques
  • Learn effective lab communication
  • Understand the how and why of digital impressions
  • Be aware of the provisionalization options for these cases and how to chose the right one.
  • Understand proper bonding protocols for the various preparation types.
  • Learn to market and gain case acceptance for these treatment options


  • drkelly
    Michael Kelly, DDS